Spindle service

Repair and maintenance service for drilling, milling and grinding spindle


The HSC spindle is the main principal item of your production engines in the high speed cutting.

Regarding our wide specialized knowledge and our experience of many years we take over repair and maintenance of all spindle engine systems of all manufacturers.


The following spindle types are repaired:

  • Milling, drilling and grinding spindle
  • Precision-fast frequency spindles
  • Engine spindles (air-cooled or water-cooled)
  • Machine tools-main spindles
  • Mechanical fast run spindles
  • Centric fast run-engine spindles

All kinds of disturbs are repaired:

  • General Service and control
  • Seal
  • Bearing
  • Mechanical disturbances (wear and tear, break, crash)
  • Electric problems

Our service:

  • Dismantle
  • Offer
  • Repair
  • Control
  • Shipping
  • Spare part production


We repair spindles of the most spindle manufacturers.


Are you prepared for the case of an emergency, to prevent disturbances and losses of production? Together we will execute the existence analysis of spindle and machine tool conditions and tune to service and emergency measures to it.


So that everything runs correctly ...